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Product Knowledge


Special Design Peels      

Such as Modified Jessner’s, TCA, Salicylic and Renotinol Blends

PCA PEEL® soften the depth of surface lines around the eyes and nasolabial folds, help clear acne ,smooth skin texture and even skin tone especially oily skin, Theses three peels PCA PEEL®  combine alpha hydroxyl acids with kojic acid (with or without hydroquinone) with standard peel solution to address hype pigmentation from the sun damage, inflammation and hormonal changes. AHA and tyrosinase inhibitors suppress the enzyme tyrosinase to discourage the skin from creating hyperpigmentation. Hydroquinone is optional in these formulas and is FDA approved to lighten the skin.

Esthetician will choose the appropriate peel for your skin type, such as hyper pigmentation, Acne, Sensitive skin, Rosacea and Aging skin.

Peels are affectively used to increase cell turnover, brighten the skin tone and clarify active acne. (May experience a little peeling of the dead skin layer) but the results are Wonderful!

It is recommended that you take the following into consideration:


  • If you are lactating, pregnant or may be pregnant, only an Oxygenating Trio or Detox Gel deep pore treatment is appropriate. Consult your OB/GYN before receiving treatment.

  • Do not go to a tanning bed two weeks prior to treatment.

  • It is recommended that extended sun exposure be avoided, especially in the 10 days prior to treatment.

  • It is recommended to delay use of trentioin, Retin-A®, Differin®, Tazorac®, Avage® Epiduo™ ,Ziana® and high percentage of AHA-BHA products for approximately five days prior to treatment. Consult your physician before temporarily discontinuing use of any prescription

  • If you are using Acutaine, it is recommended that you should not have a peel treatment within the last (8) months once you have stopped taking the medication.

PCA SKIN® superficial peels results in little to no down time but create dramatic and visible results! Treatment may cause slight redness, tightness, peeling flaking or temporary dryness .Most patients find it unnecessary to apply make-up, as the skin will be smooth, dewy and radiant following your treatment. If you would like to apply make-up, allow approximately 15 minutes for the PH of the skin to stabilize before applying foundation.

NOTE: Pricing may vary depending on number of peel layers are added to treatment.